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Mrs. Suzanne Crockett-Jones




Mrs. Suzanne Crockett-Jones is the wife of Major William Jones (a wounded veteran, retired as of July 2012), and mother of three children. In 2003, while on an unaccompanied tour in Korea, her husband’s brigade of the 2nd Division was sent directly to combat operations in Operation Iraqi Freedom. In Iraq, he was severely injured in an ambush not far from Fallujah. During his recovery, her main occupation became "in home nursing care" because his wounds had him restricted to bed rest for weeks, and subsequently confined to a wheelchair for several months.

Although he rejoined his unit as it redeployed to Fort Carson in the fall of 2005 with the intention of returning to company command, his physical recovery had not progressed well enough to allow that. He has been challenged since then to recover from PTSD and physical injuries. Mrs. Crockett-Jones is well versed with the experiences he has had, and also her own perspective on this journey. She has 20 years of experience in customer satisfaction and as a volunteer. Her broad skills in communicating with diverse cultures and age groups has provided her with expertise in solving problems, making independent decisions and adapting quickly to new systems.