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LaKia Thomas

LaKia C. Thomas
Travel Coordinator

LaKia Thomas serves as the initial point of contact to the general public for the Task Force, as well as the primary point of contact for the Members to reach the Task Force staff. She also performs a wide range of administrative and office support activities for the Task Force to facilitate the efficient operation of the organization.

Ms. Thomas has over 10 years experience as an Executive Assistant, including multiple positions within the Department of Defense in the Air Force’s Air and Space Executive Office, US Army Medical Command, Office of the Chief Medical Officer, and the US Army’s Department of the Director of Research and Engineering. With over five years experience scheduling travel using the Defense Travel System (DTS) she has become an expert in issues related to travel policy and procedures, as well as troubleshooting DTS issues. She is well versed in SACCP, an electronic document tracking tool used by the DoD. LaKia has completed Business Management coursework through the University of the District of Columbia and the American Management Association.

In addition to her career, she utilizes her organizational and budget skills as the Finance Director of the Performing Arts Committee of a religious organization which consists of over 2000 members in the DC area and over 125 congregations nation-wide. Currently and for the past five years, she serves as the Recording Secretary for the Bailey Junior Female Ushers, Chair Woman of the Annual Women’s Day Program, House Anniversary Committee and travels to various cities to assist in fund raising on weekends for eight months out of the year for over 10 years.