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Heather Jane Moore

Heather Jane Moore
Event Planner

Heather Jane Moore is responsible for organizing, executing, and overseeing Task Force events as well as accompanying government officials on business meetings and military installation visits. During the installation visits, she is the on-site point of contact for Task Force members and research staff.

Prior to working with the Task Force, Ms. Moore has had experience planning programs for The National Defense University while working for the Near East South Asia Center for Strategic Studies. Seminar participants consisted of regional military and civilian representatives including general officers, ambassadors and diplomats. Her experience overseas includes topical workshops in Jordan, Egypt, Oman, London, the Netherlands and Germany. She has also worked as the special event planning manager with the Central Combatant Command (CENTCOM) team to provide logistical support for a full scale, strategic evaluation.

Ms. Moore graduated from the University of Connecticut with a degree in Political Science and Criminal Justice. Although now currently on hiatus, Ms. Moore attended American University’s School of International Service, pursuing a Master of Arts degree in Ethics, Peace, and Global Affairs.