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Matthew McDonough, MA

Matthew McDonough
Research Associate

Mr. McDonough is an ICF Associate providing full time research support to the Task Force. Mr. McDonough has three years experience conducting social science research in support of government funded projects. His experience encompasses survey and interview research, including methodological design; literature reviews; instrument development; data collection, analysis, and interpretation; and report writing and editing. Prior to joining ICF, International in 2012 he was a Research Associate at The National Research Council supporting the Board on Behavioral, Cognitive, and Sensory Sciences as well as the Board on Human-Systems Integration. He supported projects on evaluation of disability and rehabilitation research, self-escape from coal mines, home health care, depression in parents and parenting, early childhood assessment, human behavior in military contexts, intelligence analysis for national security, and human-system integration. Mr. McDonough earned BA degrees in Psychology and Anthropology, and an MA in Anthropology, at The George Washington University.